San Mateo High School Alumni


Reunion Tours
If you are interested in arranging a reunion tour of the renovated SMHS campus, please contact the Principal at least 6 weeks in advance of your reunion.  Thank you.

Posting Reunion Information
Please contact to have details of your reunion posted on our website.

San Mateo High School Directory
San Mateo High School is working with Harris Connect Publishing Co. of Chesapeake, VA to publish a San Mateo High School Directory.

Harris Connect Publishing recently began its mailer and phone call campaign to contact as many alumni as possible for information verification.

Alumni should expect postcards to verify ONLY the following information:

  • SMHS graduation year
  • College achievements
  • College graduation year(s)
  • Current work trade information

Even though all alumni listed on class rolls are included in the directory, no one is obligated to purchase one; however the more directories that are sold, the more money that comes back to SMHS.

We will offer a Hardbound edition of the directory, and we also have a Softbound edition. The difference between the two is the cover and the binding.  Alumni may also purchase a CD-ROM version of the directory, or a combination of the CD and either the hardbound or softbound editions.

If an alum is not interested in purchasing the printed edition or CD-ROM version, he/she will be offered the opportunity to purchase a Reunion CD, which contains the alum's class year, as well as the surrounding 4 class years.

Magazine Direct
In addition, those alumni who make a purchase with a credit card will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of a special magazine offer. Alumni can get a free 3-month trial subscription on up to 3 of their favorite magazines. There is absolutely no obligation for alumni to accept this additional offer.

Thank you for your support!


Since its founding in 1902, San Mateo High School has graduated more than 100,000 alumni. Today, the school has good addresses on about 25,000 of those alumni.

San Mateo High School alumni have always been supportive of their alma mater. The School has always had successful reunions.

The site is "invitation only" which means you must use the link above
exactly because the stuff at the end is the invite.

Once you become a member, you are free to invite other Bearcats.

So far over 1600 people have registered.

Alumni return to campus frequently to visit teachers, to watch the Bearcat athletic teams and to see performances at the San Mateo Performing Arts Center.

Most recently, alumni really stepped up to help the school upgrade the campus's athletic facilities. In fact, more than 400 alumni have already given to the Centennial Stadium campaign.

San Mateo High School alumni have distinguished themselves in the arts, sports, business, entertainment, and food and wine world. The following is a representative list of the distinguished alumni who graduated from SMHS.

Famous SMHS Alumni
George Archer '58   Professional golfer, won Masters in 1969
Kathy Baker '68   Actress
David Binn '90   San Diego Chargers Long Snapper
Barry Bostwick '63   Actor
Eric Dane '91   Actor, Plays Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy
Dan Duckhorn '55   Duckhorn Winery
Alonzo Emery '69   Drafted by NFL, WFL, CFL
Sam Francis '41
  -American Abstract Expressionist and printmaker
Charles Ginnever '49   Internationally known artist
Phil Goldman '82 (deceased)   Co-founder of WebTV, Founder of Mailblocks
Merv Griffin '42   Creator of Jeopardy, talk show host, entertainer
Conrad Hall '44
  3-time Academy Award Winner for Best Cinematography- 1969-Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1999-American Beauty, 2002-Road to Perdition
Dennis Haysbert '72   Actor
Waldo Hunt '39   Developer of pop-up books
Diane Kalliam '61   Professional woman's softball player
Kris Kristofferson '54   Musician and Actor
Frank C.Lanza '49   Chairman and CEO, L3 Communications
David Mathis '56   Former Chairman and CEO Kemper Insurance
Lee Mendelson '50  

Producer of more than 40 animated Charlie Brown specials

Bob Murphy '49   Voice of Stanford University Athletics
Bill Neukom '59   SF Giants Managing General Partner
Arron Oberholser '93   Professional Golfer, Analyst and Commentator for the Golf Channel
Carol Shelton '74   Most awarded winemaker in America
Peter Thiel '85   Co-Founder, PayPal
Debi Thomas   1988 Olympic Bronze Medal in Figure Skating
Callen Tjader '43   Anglo Latin jazz musician.