College Pathways - Juniors

Junior College Night Presentation - January 25, 2012 (PDF)
Junior College Night Presentation - January 27, 2010(PDF)


  • Check your classes on your four year plan and modify if needed with your counselor
  • Work on your grades and seek help when needed- make up any D's or F's
  • Attend college visits at school and college fairs in the area
  • Contact your congressional representative to apply to the military academy
  • Sign up for the PSAT in September.  Remember this is the year to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program


  • Take the PSAT in October


  • Review your PSAT scores in December and find teachers or tutors to help you improve your score
  • Begin reviewing the SAT test prep module on Naviance


  • Register in the spring to take the SAT or ACT and decide which advanced placement tests you will take
  • Meet with your counselor in the spring to check graduation requirements
  • Attend the Junior college information night
  • Tour the college/career center and get to know your resources


  • Enroll in summer school classes (to makeup any D's or F's), if necessary
  • Continue your extracurricular activities, sports, and volunteer work (emphasize leadership programs)
  • Discuss financing your future with your family and begin planning
  • Investigate financial aid from state, federal, and private resources
  • Update your resume for a job or college applications
  • ATHLETES should register for the NCAA
  • Complete your Junior survey on Naviance
  • Schedule a meeting in the Career Center to create a list of colleges to which you plan to apply.  List these plans on Naviance


  • Begin to work on college essays
  • Visit college campuses
  • Go online for college and school application forms and information in June
  • In the summer, take college classes, volunteer for community service, and build a resume!