College Pathways - Sophomores


Number of Times Offered: Seven times per school year Six times per school year
Test Structure: Critical Reading, Math, Writing  Reading, English, Math, Science, Writing (optional)
Test Content: Math:  up to Geometry and Advanced Algebra Math:  up to trigonometry
  Reading:  sentence completions, short and long critical reading passages, reading comprehendsion Reading:  four passages, one each of prose fiction, social science humanities, and natural science
  Writing:  grammar, usage, word choice, and a mandatory essay English:  stresses grammar
    Science:  charts, graphs, and data interpretations
    Writing:  optional essay
Penalty/Wrong Answers Yes, 1/4 of apoint for wrong answer on multiple choice questions No
Test Scores: 200-800 per section, added together for a score of 600-2400 1-36 for each subject, average of 4 test scores for composite score
  2-12 for the essay (subscore) 1-36 for English & Writing
    2-12 for the essay (subscore)
Sending Scores: If a student requests a score, reports be sent to specific colleges, the report includes the scores the student received on every SAT taken (inclusive up to test date) There is a "Score Choice" option.  Students can choose which schools receive their scores and which scores the schools see