Daily Bulletin

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

San Mateo High School
Daily Bulletin
Tuesday, August 23, 2016 

Club Officers
Come pick up Club Charters in the Leadership Room.  They are due by Friday, August 26, 2016.

Message from Reggie
If you are a returning student and participate in the National School Lunch Program and receive free/reduced lunches, your number will still work until September.  Please make sure to re-apply ASAP to ensure you are not dropped from the program.

Student Planners:
Student Planners can be bought at Attendance window.  Limited supplies $5.

PE Uniforms
Can be bought during your PE Class- $20 for shorts and shirt; $15 sweatpants.

Lockers!  Attention Freshmen and New Students!
If you aren’t planning to use your locker, please let Ms. Cervantes know, so we can assign the locker to students on our wait list.

Library Hours:
The library will be open:
Monday and Thursday - 7am- 3:00 (TBD)
Tuesday,   Wednesday and every other Friday -   7am-5:30

Tryouts for our fall musical will be held after school on Tuesday, August 23. Dance auditions will be on Tuesday in the Dance Studio. Wear clothes that you can move in. Pick up an audition form in the PAC classroom. For more information and callback material is on our website, smhsdrama.org.

Looking to get more involved at SMHS?
The perfect way to do this is to join the cross country team! Practices are today at 3:30 on the bleachers at the track. Wear running shoes and comfortable workout clothing. See you there!

JV Football sign ups
Come see coach Dustan on the field after school by Tuesday, Aug 23nd. Or email him at dustanu@gmail.com

Not at School Stickers
Ms. Giamoni will be distributing ‘Not at School’ stickers in Student Services this week during 1st through 7th periods. Stickers will be given to the student if they have:

  1.  their schedule
  2.  A consent form signed by parent and turned in. (extra copies of the form are in Student Services.)

Career Center
Do you want to gain leadership skills, connect with your community? GET INVOLVED! Come to the Career Center, Friday during lunch to learn about the San Mateo "Youth Activities Council", also known as YAC.  Applications are due August 31st.  Applications are available in the Career Center.  See Mrs. Kane for more information.

Attendance Office
Students, due to schedule changes and errors, you should check you attendance on School loop every day and if you receive a phone call at home, don’t ignore it. You are responsible for clearing your attendance by grabbing a “green correction form” at the attendance office, your teacher or counselor needs to sign it and return it to Ms. Menendez, so she can change your records.  Remember you have three days to make those changes.

For more sports information, please check our website: www.sanmateoathletics.org