English Learner Advisory Committee

ELAC SMHS Meetings Dates:
Library - San Mateo High School
6:00-7:00 PM

December 3rd, 2015
February 4th, 2015
April 7th, 2016
May 12th, 2016

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English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) Meeting Minutes, Nov. 19, 2012

6pm, 9/6 - SMHS ELAC Meeting Minutes

6-6:10pm - Start and Welcome

Families entered and got fantastic snacks. Interpretation began of Spanish and Mandarin (meeting conducted in English, as we had other languages present and English was common language).

6:10-6:15 - Attendance Presentation, Cynthia Rapaido and Corina Menendez

Corina detailed all the ways and reasons that parents would handle an absence, as well as the phone calls that are supposed to be going out for tardy and absences. Cynthia then detailed the truancy and SARB process, legal requirements with regards to attendance, as well as the administrative and SRO efforts to encourage positive attendance. Then, they spoke on how parents can encourage attendance.

6:15-6:25 - ELAC intro (purpose, solicit officers), Cece Cronin and Suzanne Woolfolk

Cece presented the structure of EL education, from ELD 1-2 to defining sheltered and mainstream courses. Suzanne explains the responsibilities of ELAC officers, and shared its principal functions as a committee. A sign-up was sent around for anyone interested in becoming an ELAC representative. Parents were also informed that they will begin a needs assessment for ELs at SMHS at our next ELAC meeting. In the meantime, Suzanne will be holding assemblies involving all ELs and asking for their comments and responses to last year's ELAC recommendations to administration.

6:25-6:30pm - CELDT presentation, Suzanne Woolfolk

Suzanne presented a definition of CELDT, explained who takes the test and why, and its test components. She also shared pictures of last year's Reclassification Party and how students should be encouraged to do their best on the CELDT.

6:30-6:35pm - Literacy Nights & Latino PG info, Tracey Freyre and Andrea Booth

Tracey stated that Literacy Nights begin 9/13, and will be every Thursday at 6pm in the Library. Andrea said that LPG will be every first Monday of the month in the Library.

6:35 - 6:50pm - Teacher Panel (Steve, Amy, Jessica, Jenn D., Tracey, Cece, Marni, Arienne, Val) 

Teachers introduced themselves, then each shared specifics about how students can be successful in their classes. Multiple sheltered, ELD and mainstream classes were covered.

6:50pm - Elections

Parents Ana Rivas and Ana Martinez were elected as ELAC representatives by the 78 families present.


6:55pm - Close meeting

Leadership students guided parents to classes, or helped them register for Schoolloop in the Library.