Faculty Email and Phone Directory

To reach a faculty member's voicemail after 3:30 p.m. - please call 558-2399 and follow the directions for the staff directory.
2016-2017 SMHS Teachers by Department Email Address Voicemail Website
AVID (Advancment Via Individual Determination)      
Nancy Dinges - AVID Co-Coordinator ndinges@smuhsd.org 6321  
Jim Norman - AVID Co-Coordinator jnorman@smuhsd.org 6332  
Janeen Malatesta jmalatesta@smuhsd.org 5684  
Marni Malone mmalone@smuhsd.org 6334  
David Pirie dpirie@smuhsd.org 6333  
Aliza Zenilman azenilman@smuhsd.org 5449  
Career Technical Education      
Michele Casale, Chair mcasale@smuhsd.org 5534  
Jenny Eckert-Yearbook/Publications jeckert@smuhsd.org 6397  
Jane McCabe, Digital Photography jmccabe@smuhsd.org  5690  
Dave Pirie-Journalism dpirie@smuhsd.org 6333  
English Language Development      
Rotem Bluvstein - Chair rbluvstein@smuhsd.org 5888  
Cynthia Artiga-Faupusa cartigafaupusa@smuhsd.org    
Cece Cronin ecronin@smuhsd.org 5552  
Brittany Dybdahl bdybdahl@smuhsd.org    
Jinna Hwang jhwang@smuhsd.org    
Shoshana Kalinski skalinski@smuhsd.org 5244  
Kelyn Martinez-Instructional Aide  kmartinez@smuhsd.org    
Mary Petrini-Instructional Aide mpetrini@smuhsd.org    
Sonia Pollitt spollitt@smuhsd.org    
Gabe Rosenthal grosenthal@smuhsd.org 6394  
Amy Fredricksen - Co-Chair afredricksen@smuhsd.org 6566  
Alicia Gorgani - Co-Chair agorgani@smuhsd.org 5495   
Keith Brasel kbrasel@smuhsd.org 5391  
Lisa Burke lburke@smuhsd.org 5603  
Jennifer Eckert jeckert@smuhsd.org 6397  
Haley Fauth hfauth@smuhsd.org    
Tracey Freyre tfreyre@smuhsd.org 6337   
Nate I. Johnson ijohnson@smuhsd.org 5646  
Nels Johnson njohnson@smuhsd.org 5649  
Janeen Malatesta jmalatesta@smuhsd.org 5684  
Marni Malone mmalone@smuhsd.org 6334  
Nicolene McMullen nmcmullen@smuhsd.org 5697  
David Pirie dpirie@smuhsd.org 6333  
Aura Smithers Cordell asmitherscordell@smuhsd.org    
Brittany Dybdahl, Chair bdybdahl@smuhsd.org 6567  
Jeff Scheller jscheller@smuhsd.org  2338  
Andrea Rosenthal, Chair arosenthal@smuhsd.org 6328  Website
Malu Alegria malegria@smuhsd.org    
Dmitri Andruha dandruha@smuhsd.org    
Karen Atkinson katkinson@smuhsd.org    
Sara Cowey scowey@smuhsd.org 2333 Website
Nicole DeRosa nderosa@smuhsd.org 5398  
Nancy Dinges ndinges@smuhsd.org 6321 Website
Jennifer Dirksen jdirksen@smuhsd.org 6322  
Karen Field kfield@smuhsd.org    
Jinna Hwang jhwang@smuhsd.org 6341 Website
Anamika Jain ajain@smuhsd.org 5644  
Val Krieman-Cintas vcintas@smuhsd.org 5668  
Denise Morones dmorones@smuhsd.org 5278  
Christine Ofrecio cofrecio@smuhsd.org 6378   
Marco Rainaldi mrainaldi@smuhsd.org 5687  
Jared Wilke jwilke@smuhsd.org 5944  Website
Physical Education      Website
Joyce Dickson, Chair jdickson@smuhsd.org 5568  
Adam Hyndman ahyndman@smuhsd.org 5110   
Matt Labbie mlabbie@smuhsd.org    
Kathy Parodi kparodi@smuhsd.org 5481   
Kevin Reeves kreeves@smuhsd.org 5457  
Science     Website 
Miguel Appleman, Co-Chair mappleman@smuhsd.org 5506  
Jimmy Ikeda, Co-Chair jikeda@smuhsd.org 2389  
L'vannah Abrams labrams@smuhsd.org 5518  
Elizabeth Doggett edoggett@smuhsd.org 6380   
Marvin Gin mgin@smuhsd.org 5683  
Sonia Pollitt spollitt@smuhsd.org    
Asif Rahman arahman@smuhsd.org    
Sally Seebode sseebode@smuhsd.org 5783  
Patrick Thrasher pthrasher@smuhsd.org 5531  
Paul Tong ptong@smuhsd.org 5817  
Aliza Zenilman azenilman@smuhsd.org 5448   
Social Science      Website
Martin Ortega, Co-chair mortega@smuhsd.org 5947  
Shoshana Kalinski, Co-chair skalinski@smuhsd.org 5244  
Karen Abernathy kabernathy@smuhsd.org 5502  
Sara Cowey scowey@smuhsd.org 2333  Website
Kirsten Johnson kjohnson@smuhsd.org 5648  
Edward Montelongo emontelongo@smuhsd.org    
Jessica Moore jmoore@smuhsd.org 5205  
James Norman jnorman@smuhsd.org 6332  
Ann Pappas apappas@smuhsd.org 5725  
Mark Reoutt mreoutt@smuhsd.org 5758  
Gabe Rosenthal grosenthal@smuhsd.org 6394   
Casey Teague cteague@smuhsd.org 5428  
Special Education      
Molly Mdaka, Co-Chair mmdaka@smuhsd.org 2372  
Heather Vasquez, Co-Chair hvasquez@smuhsd.org 6392   
Brian Bold bbold@smuhsd.org    
Cindy Braganza cbraganza@smuhsd.org 2372  
Angelo DeJesus adejesus@smuhsd.org 6568  
Natalie Montoya nmontoya@smuhsd.org 2363  
John Mulligan jmulligan@smuhsd.org 2369   
Instructional Aides      
Tony Alexander      
Cherie Carney      
Angel Guan      
Quyen Ho      
Marvin Lui      
Victoria Moshkounian      
Ajeshni Prasad      
Visual and Performing Arts      
Brad Friedman, Co-Chair bfriedman@smuhsd.org 2348 Website
Elizabeth Yapp, Co-Chair eyapp@smuhsd.org 5299 Website
Shawn Reifschneider - Chorus sreifschneider@smuhsd.org 2374  
Julie Stock jstock@smuhsd.org 5803 Website 
Atillio Tribuzi-Instrumental atribuzi@smuhsd.org 2328 Website
Robyn Tribuzi-Dance rtribuzi@smuhsd.org 5820 Website
World Languages      
Arienne Adamcikova, Co-Chair aadamcikova@smuhsd.org 5503  
Ruth Micheletti, Co-Chair rmicheletti@smuhsd.org 5945  
Susan Barba sbarba@smuhsd.org 5511  
Catherine Bunch cbunch@smuhsd.org 5949 Website
Jacqueline Lara jlara@smuhsd.org    
Lillian Laszlo llaszlo@smuhsd.org 5508   
Amy Mitchell ammitchell@smuhsd.org 5801   
Rhina Sanford rsanford@smuhsd.org    
Ya-Hui Steinbrecher ysteinbrecher@smuhsd.org 5946 Website