San Mateo Middle College High School

San Mateo Middle College High School, a SMUHSD alternative education program at College of San Mateo, is accepting applications from interested juniors and seniors. The application deadline is Nov. 1.

The students in Middle College, selected from the SMUHSD, are high potential juniors and seniors who have not lived up to perceived expectations and potential as a high school student. These students are often creative and independent thinkers, artistically talented, sometimes gifted in one area, such as music, art or computers, but are generally not connected to the typical high school scene.

They may have relatively high scores on standardized tests, but their grades and behavior may not reflect this academic potential. They may be students whose attendance and rate of course completion is poor. Although students selected for Middle College may have attendance problems, they will not exhibit extreme discipline problems and will demonstrate the potential maturity to cope with the relative freedom of the Middle College environment.

There also is a segment of the Middle College population that has done well in high school, yet feel that their educational needs are best met on a community college campus. They have opportunities to take classes that meet their career or college interests, they're surrounded by individuals who are motivated to attend college, and they're given the responsibilities of a college student.

Our students have high school gpas that range from 4.0 to 1.8. Recent Middle College graduates have attended UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, UC San Diego, San Francisco State, Pepperdine, Washington and San Jose State after completing Middle College. Several other students have continued their education at College of San Mateo and other community colleges.

Students are recommended for admission by teachers, counselors and administrators. Other application procedures include student testing for reading and writing, an informational meeting with parents/guardians, and interviews with students and parents/guardians.

Students or parents can get an application from the SMUHSD counseling department or by downloading an aplication from the Middle College website. For more information, view the website at

Don Scatena 
Middle College Principal/Director of Student Services