Site Council Agenda & Minutes - Monday, September 21, 2015

San Mateo High School                                                                    Biotech Conference Room
School Site Council                                                                           September 21, 2015

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm
Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda                                    3:30-3:40pm
ELAC Update                                                                                      3:40-3:55pm
SMHS Site Council By-Laws Update                                                 3:55-4:05pm
Election of Officers                                                                            4:05-4:15pm
Review PD request for approval                                                      4:15-4:25pm
Update Diamond Grant application                                                            4:25-4:30pm
WASC Action Plan Update                                                               4:30-4:35pm
SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement)                                 4:35-4:45pm
New from Departments and Representatives                                4:45-5:00pm


San Mateo High School Biotech Conference Room

School Site Council September 21, 2015

Present:  Lisa Burke, Julie Scanlon, Nancy Dinges, Adam Gelb, Catherine Bunch, Christina Bernadino, Thomas Scanlon, Sabrina Jin, Alyssa Cho, Rachel Zheng, Jesse Boise, Justin To, Mari Kojima, Yvonne Shiu

Absent:  Drake Kapoor

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda3:30-3:40pm

Members went around the table and introduced themselves

ELAC was moved up in the agenda to allow Mr. Gelb give his report, as he had another meeting to attend

ELAC Update3:40-3:55pm

ELAC (English Learners’ Advisory Committee) had their first meeting of the 2015-16 school year on Back to School Night.  Over 50 families attended.  There will be six meetings during the school year; the next meeting is in November.  At this meeting, Mr. Morales will review the ELD program and graduation requirements.  Samia Shoman,  Manager of EL & Compliance Programs, attended and is in charge of DELAC (District English Learners’ Advisory Committee).  Three parents were elected to represent SMHS at DELAC meetings.  In order to increase attendance, it was suggested to tie ELAC to social events to increase attendance.

SMHS Site Council By-Laws Update3:55-4:05pm

The following changes were suggested:

Article II, Section B Terms of Office

Parent and s  Student School Site council members shall be elected for a 1 year term.  Parents may be granted an extension to serve on the school site council to be voted on and approved at the second regular meeting.  

Article III, Section A  Officers:

The recorder shall:

•Be elected at each meeting at the beginning of the school site council meeting.

•Record the minutes of the monthly meetings.

Election of Officers 4:05-4:15pm

•This will take place at next month’s meeting.

•The dates for 2015-16 Site Council are:

•October 19th, November 16th, no December meeting, January 25th (joint meeting with SLT), February 22nd, March 21st, April 11th (second Monday of the month) and May 16th

Review PD request for approval4:15-4:25pm

•Mr. Appleman requested $750 to attend the NSTA Area Conference on Science Education in Reno, NV October 22-24. 

•Moved by Sabrina Jin, Seconded by Alyssa Cho

Update Diamond Grant application4:25-4:30pm

•Ms. Shiu updated the dates to reflect the 2015-16 school year.  Dates were moved up to allow teachers to plan activities and the time to spend funds when/if awarded.  

•Moved by N. Dinges, seconded by Mari Kojima

Diamond Grant submission

•Ms. Zenilman submitted a Diamond Grant for $1000 to help cover the cost of transportation to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for her Sheltered Biology Class and Ms. Montoya’s SAI Biology class on October 29th.

•Moved by Julie Scanlon, seconded by N. Dinges

WASC Action Plan Update/SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement)4:35-4:45pm

•Ms. Shiu updated the Site Council on WASC, last year’s mid-term visit and it’s purpose

•Ms. Shiu reviewed the WASC action plans, which are SMHS’s three SPSA goals:

oTo increase opportunities for students to explore  career goals and develop technical and vocational skills

oTo improve methods of instruction that focus on critical thinking and practical applications

oTo increase the academic achievement of underperforming subgroups by focusing on student motivation and organization, by fostering positive student/teacher relationships and by examining culturally responsive teaching

New from Departments and Representatives4:45-5:00pm

•Seniors are starting to plan for the canned Food Drive and have selected a theme for Homecoming/Grid, which has not yet been revealed.  They are getting some negative feedback for having Homecoming on Halloween.

•Juniors are beginning their planning for Spirit Hall and class t-shirt sales have gone really well.  They were sold at Back to School Night and Upperclassmen Night.

•Sophomores are also planning Spirit Hall and looking at other fundraising events besides restaurant nights.  They are using social media-Facebook and Twitter to promote sophomore class events.

•Freshmen are still figuring things out, but have started to talk about Spirit Hall.

•Mr. Boise reported there are currently 1615 students at SMHS, the largest school in the District.

•AVID reported that they have planned a spring field trip for 50 AVID students to tour colleges/universities in SoCal.

•No report for World Language or English Departments.

Meeting motion for adjournment moved by J. Boise, seconded by Justin To.


2015-16 Meeting Dates:

September 21, 2015

October 19. 2015

November 16, 2015

January 25. 2016

February 22, 2016

March 21, 20166

April 11, 2016