Site Council Agenda & Minutes - January 25, 2016

Site Council Minutes     1/25/2016   Biotechnology Conference Room

In attendance from the Site Council:  Yvonne Shiu, Jesse Boise, Adam Gelb, Justin To, Mari Kojima, Rachel Zheng, Sabrina Jin, Thomas Scanlon, Julie Scanlon, Christina Bernardino, Catherine Bunch, Nancy Dinges, Lisa Burke.

Yvonne called the joint meeting with the SLT to order. She presented a Diamond Grant request from Ms. Adamcikova, Ms. Giamoni and Ms. Mitchell for $996 to fund a trip to the Precita Eyes Mural Tour, a walking tour of murals in San Francisco. The funding is mainly for two busses and one van for two consecutive days, taking a different group of about 55 students each day.

Mrs. Scanlon motioned for approval, and Ms. Dinges seconded the motion and all approved the funding.

Yvonne presented a second request for PD funds for $924 for Brad Friedman to attend a four-day Broadway summer conference in New York. Catherine Bunch motioned to approve the funding; Gigi Watson seconded it, and the Council approved it.

Adam Gelb then presented changes to the School Safety Plan for approval by the Council and the SLT. Adam’s changes mainly targeted Safety Goal #2. He would like to create a site safety team that would probably meet monthly and would include more staff representation (including the SRO), perhaps even worth co-curricular points.

The Council and SLT approved the changes to the School Safety Plan.     

Student Class Reports:

The sophomore and freshman classes are organizing a teddy bear fundraiser for Valentine’s Day.

The junior class is organizing the coat check for the Winter Formal as a fundraiser.

The senior class is planning Prom, Senior Takeover Day, and Senior Activities Day.

Nancy Dinges motioned to adjourn the meeting and Brittany Dybdahl seconded it.

Minutes by Lisa Burke