Site Council Agenda & Minutes - February 22, 2016

San Mateo High School                                                                      Room M108

School Site Council                                                                             February 22, 2016


Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Welcome & Approval of Agenda                                                                   3:30-3:35pm

Meeting called to order at 3:30.  Agenda approved for the February meeting. (3:30)

Minutes from 11/16 and 1/25                                                                       3:35-3:45pm

Minutes from the November meeting were approved.  Minutes from the January meeting were approved. 

Review PD requests for approval                                                                  3:45-4:00pm

            Mr. Hanson, College and Career Center 

                        Share, Learn, Connect Conference $60

            Mr. Scheller, Athletic Director

                        CSADA Conference $1245

            Robyn Tribuzi, Dance Teacher

                        Dance Teacher Summit $475

            Ms. Freyre and Ms. Malatesta English Teachers

                        Ready for the Future:  Kids and the 21st Century Brain $120

            Ms. Parodi, Mr. Reeves, Mr. Labbie, PE Teachers

                        CAHPERD Conference $1650

            Ms. McCabe and Ms. Fergusson, CTE Teachers

                        PBS Training $470

            Mr. Boise, Assistant Principal

April 25th – All faculty - Outlet training for PD Day $350 – Gender Equity training. 

            Ms. Shiu, Principal

                        Active Shooter Training, not to exceed $2850 – 1 day training with a minimum of 30 staff at 95$ a person open to all staff. 

All of the above items were explained by Ms. Shiu – usually the district will sweep these funds and the items that may be needed to be funded over the summer (AVID summer institute) would still be able to be covered. 

Motion to approve and seconded by committee members. 

Diamond Grants proposals    (in order received)                                          4:00-4:30pm

$3000 is the limit

            Mr. Rainaldi, Software for scientific calculators $675

This is for students in Algebra and Geometry students to link their calculations to the SMART board.  Funds could be possibly found elsewhere. 

            Mrs. Rosenthal, Precalculus Field Trip $1000

*** May – Exploratorium with follow up activities.  Some of their mathematical analysis will be shared as their final assessment.  Needed for busses and number of students in the six classes.  Cost is 7.50$ per student.  GATE funds were also applied for.  Looking to cover the cost of transportation so students would just need to cover the cost of admission.  Tentatively 150 students going on trip.      

            Mr. Miller, Incentives for MindPlay Reading Program, $1910 ($1035)

Pizza and movie tickets for incentives for their reading program. 

            Ms. Kane, College of San Mateo Field Trip, $250

This is to cover the cost of busses for students who will not be attending a four year college.  One bus up to 50 students. 

            Ms. Fergusson, Journalism Convention, $810

9 students going with Ms. Fergusson and it is 90$ per person.  Lisa Burke stated that 9 people may be a lot and only the editors may need to go.  Journalism and Yearbook students. 

            Ms. Dinges, AVID Coordinator, $1000

***Program growth summarized by Jim Norman in the absence of Nancy Dinges.  Program explained to committee.  Field trips are taken every semester (usually to a college campus).  The grant would go toward the cost of the busses.  Trip is open to all AVID students who meet grade requirements.   AVID did get their approval for 1,000$ in October for a ropes course for their freshman students. 

            Mr. Morales, Puente Field Trip, $800

***400/class – Would like to go with Patti Giamoni – primarily for Latino students. 80 students on 2 busses. CSM.




Proposal for partial of full funding:

Rosenthal – 1,000$

Miller – 600$

Kane – 250$

Morales – 400$

Dinges – 750$

Motion to committee as stated above was approved.

New from Departments and Representatives                                              4:30-4:45pm              


Winter Formal done and they think they made money – 442 students went.

Town Hall meeting is this week

Leadership retreat is this weekend on Saturday

STD is coming up

Open House coming up March 10th.

International week is 3/21-25

Graduation and seating was discussed for capacity in the PAC and Stadium

Prom is early April (9th)


Coat check at Winter formal raised 440$

Fundraiser @ CPK

Sold Balloons as well

Energy and Water conversation challenge for City of San Mateo (22 cities)


Not present


Sold Valentine’s