Wednesday, May 24, 2017

San Mateo High School
Daily Bulletin
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Schedule changes for this week, May 22nd -May 26th
Wednesday (regular schedule)
Thursday schedule is a 1-7 Day
Friday is a 1-7 Day with a 1stperiod Final (8am-10:39)


Please pick up your cap, gown and senior check out cards in Student Service Office Today! Ms. Cervantes will not be here on Thursday or Friday for pick up!

Last Chance for Grad Night Tickets!
Grad Night is almost here and we have a few tickets left to sell on a first come, first serve basis!  Please email Brenda Perez at or call her at 650/468-6483 if you would like to purchase your ticket.  Students will need a completed and signed waiver to purchase tickets. $95 cash, or check payable to SMHS PTO Grad Night. Waiver and other details available at:

AP Language Summer Assignment
If you are taking AP Language next, come to the library after school on Wednesday, May 24th to pick up the summer packet and learn about the assignment. It will be a brief meeting. If you miss the meeting, stop by B205 to pick up the summer assignment.

AP Physics Lunch Meeting
If you are taking AP Physics next year, come @ lunch on Friday, May 26th to C114.

AP Biology Summer Assignment
If you signed up for AP Biology next year, please come to C010 for the summer assignment.

Girls Tennis
Mandatory girls tennis meeting this Wednesday, May 24 in E115 during lunch. All players who are interested in competing for the tennis team this upcoming fall season must attend.

McConville Awards List for 2017:
Congrats to the following Outstanding Freshmen and Sophomores for Academic Excellence!

Visual Arts – F:  Laen Chan S: Carina Halcomb
English – F:  Adam Borison S: Megan Chung
Math – F: Alec Li S: Patrick Yin
Science – F: Elsa Servantez S: Namita Hegde
Social Science – F: Sharanya Majumder S: Pacita Del Baso
PE – F: Sabrina Cho S: Jose Sanchez Miranda
Dance – F: Claire Schick S: Caroline Zhu
Music – F: Christina Lin S: Caitlin Lim
Chorus – F: Clay Hawkins S: Lillian Torres
Directed Studies – F: Giovani Santoyo-Perez S: Christobal Guerrero
ELD – F: Monica Tax Lacan S: Yuritzia Perez
Drama – F: Rachel Frankl S: Teagan Reynolds
Health -– F: Ana Carrasco  
World Language –    
    French – F: Cindy Yan S: Kristin Tadeja
    Spanish – F: Janette Molina Cuevas S: Luiza Velloso
    Mandarin – F: Beau Gee S: Rachel Hunter