Tuesday, May 30, 2017

San Mateo High School
Daily Bulletin
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 

Final Exam Minimum Days
Tuesday, May 30th       Period 2 Final   8:00-10:00
                                       Period 3 Final   10:20-12:20
Wednesday, May 31st    Period 4 Final   8:00-10:00
                                      Period 5 Final   10:20-12:20
Thursday, June 1st     Period 6 Final   8:00-10:00
                                   Period 7 Final   10:20-12:20

All Girls Hackathon: Superposition
Girls of San Mateo! Interested in learning to code? Superposition is an all-girls high school hackathon happening through June 10th -11th. Sign up at superposition.tech

What are you doing this summer?
Do you have a job? An Internship? Do you have a camp or program you are attending? Are you volunteering? If you do not have anything planned, it's not too late. Go to school loop news and see all the summer opportunities still available! 

Congratulations to the entire Track team, JV and Varsity for winning the league division!

AP Euro Summer Homework
Taking AP Euro next year? Get the summer HW assignment from school loop news, or your CWS teacher, Health teacher or from Mr. Ortega or Mr. Teague.

AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment
The summer assignment for AP Environment science will be available Tuesday, May 30. Be sure to stop by C104 to get one.