Site Council Agenda & Minutes - Monday, October 21, 2013

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Approval of Minutes                                                                           3:30-3:35pm

Approval of Agenda                                                                            3:35-3:45pm

Use of Title I Funds 2013-14-Devra Miller                                        3:45-4:00pm

Review of PD Requests                                                                      4:00-4:15pm

EOS Survey                                                                                         4:15-4:20pm

Marketing of SMHS/Shadowing                                                        4:20-4:25pm

November Site Council/SLT-November 18th                                    4:25-4:30pm

New from Departments and Representatives                                  4:30-4:40pm

Draft agenda created on October 15, 2013.  Subject to the approval of Site Council at meeting.


Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Approval of Minutes                                                                                                                   3:30-3:35pm

  • Approved

Approval of Agenda                                                                                                                     3:35-3:45pm

  • Approved

PD Requests                                                                                                                    3:45-4:00pm

  • Background
    • PD Budget: $7000 Title II  and $1500 EIA for English Language Learners
    • PD requests approved last month:” $350 and $70 =  $420.00
  • 5 Requests
    • Wilke, Malone & Shiu
      • $300 ea for airfare,. 
      • Learning Forward Conference –12/8-11
      • Approved
      • Malone, Freyre & Pirie
        • This has already happened, Yvonne granted approval. 
        • Teaching the Common Core Webinar -$55 for one link, shared among the three              
        • All about close reading
        • Approved
        • Freyre
          • Literacy for the Common Core Series – Four Saturday series, building literacy into the common core-$65 reg fee
          • For students reading below grade level, mostly ELs
          • Info to be shared out as requested.
          • Approved-will be charged to EIA PD FUnds
        • Dinges, Norman, Malone, Furgiuele, Freyre, Kalinski, Cintas
          • AVID Summer Institute, Sacramento-July 2014
          • Have all these people said yes?  No.  Four core teachers at least.  3 current AVID teachers, and recruiting another.
          • Tabled until next meeting, or the Spring                
        • Freyre
          • Writing arguments through history texts
          • History people not yet on board, mostly not yet invited.
          • History and English teachers.  Recruiting is ongoing.
          • Writing an Argument Webinar- $55.00
          • Approved

Title I Positions: Certificated Language and Literacy Coach, Classified Parent Involvement Coordinator

  • Presented by Devra Miller, DO Special Programs Manager
  • Proposal—create 2 positions, serving SMHS & CHS
  • Language and Literacy Coach
    • Responsibility: to help teachers with instructional practices and strategies; primarily addressing the language and literacy needs of students.  First year would target English and ELD teachers.  Second year would add Social Studies: third year  Science, math World Language teachers.
    •  Identify strong teachers, make them even better.  Helping them focus more on oral language, speaking
    • This is certificated TOSA position, District position, assigned to SMHS
    • Recruiting in-house, Out of house,  if necessary
    • Begin January 2014 at 60% coaching/40% teaching, 100% thereafter, 2.5 year proposal
    • Got to start this year to get the funds-use it or lose it
    • There will be a contractor coach coaching the coaches
    • Devra Miller would be official supervisor, but would be working closely with Yvonne
  • Parent Involvement Coordinator
    • 60%  at SMHS, 40%  at another site, BHS or AHS.
    • This is classified position.
    • Parents (ELAC) have really wanted this position.
    • Liaison between SMHS and community. 
    • Responsibilities would include, but not be limited to: Home visits, outreach to incoming students, non-English speaking parents, spreading information about the school.
  • Funding would be through Title I funds, which serve low income, free and reduced lunch students. 
    • 17% of our district students, mostly at PHS, CHS, SMHS. 
  • Needs Site Council approval. 
  • There are only certain things we can do with the money--Has to support ELs, parents of, struggling students.
    • Previous spending the money—paying for professional development coordinators: not targeting the right groups.
  • Motion to move the proposal forward, give it a try, use the Title I funds in this way.
    • Unanimously Approved, 20-0

EOS Survey                                                                                                                                         4:00-4:10pm

  • Equal Opportunity Schools Student and Teacher surveys
  • Most teachers have completed the survey. 
  • 60% of students have done it—need to get more.  Push students to do it
  • Spanish version available we think?
  • November 1 is the deadline, looming

Marketing of SMHS/Shadowing                                                                                                             4:10-4:25pm

  • Hillsborough Meet and Greet
    • about 100 in a crowded house, with staff, students and alumni
    • Addressed parent concerns
  • Shadowing:
    • 2 of 6 shadow dates still to go, 180 students so far
    • Some issues with less stimulating Friday lessons—biotech has been helpful backup
    • Thanks to teachers for accommodating, and involving the shadows in the day.
    • Thanks to ambassadors for making it work too.

Next Site Council meeting/SLT-November 18th                                                      4:25-4:30pm

  • SLT would normally meet the 25th—proposal is to combine the two meetings on the 18th.
  • Site Council first, short meeting, then SLT goes on, and on.
  • Goal is to approve single plan for student achievement—both bodies have to approve it.
    • WASC related.
    • Goes to board
  • Approved

New from Departments and Representatives                                          4:30-4:40pm

  • Seniors—spirit hall, fundraiser after Aragon game with soph class at either California Pizza Kitchen or BJ’s Brewhouse
  • Science—flood.  Don’t put apples in toilets, boys.  PD was productive for us
  • Sophomores—spirit hall and fundraisers
  • Juniors—Jamba Juice fundraiser card, spirit hall
  • Freshmen—spirit hall and fundraisers
  • English—attended PD, went as team, liked it
  • Social Studies—Sojourn to the Past presentation, hoping to recruit students, Ms Seebode is chaperoning
  • AVID—field trip to SF State and USF
  • Counseling--College Fair at Mills High this Thursday.
  • World Languages—Common core and PD day, pleased with the day.
  • PE--finishing synchronized swimming, moving on to basketball and tennis, then square dancing in the spring.
  • VAPA-- Drowsy Chaperone is coming.
  • Admin—“Need not bore us.”  Their words, not mine.


Minutes will not be approved until November 18th Site Council Meeting.