Site Council Agenda & Minutes - Monday, November 18, 2013

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Approval of Minutes                                                                 3:30-3:35pm

Approval of Agenda                                                                   3:35-3:45pm

Review SPSA-joint meeting with SLT                                         3:45-4:15pm

Review of Diamond Grant Requests                                           4:15-4:45pm

  • Journalism & Yearbook-JEA/NSPA Convention Boston         $1000
  • AVID College Visit                                                                  $700
  • Counseling Ropes Course                                                       $1500 
  • Programming Club-laptops and Arduino boards                    $988
  • Latino College Fair                                                                  $250


Review of PD Requests                                                                4:45-4:50pm

  • Freshman Transition Course                                                  $237
  • CAHPERD  Conference                                                            $1800

New from Departments and Representatives                              4:50-5:00pm

Draft agenda created on November 12, 2013.  Subject to the approval of Site Council.


Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Approval of Minutes                                                                           3:30-3:35pm

Document to be emailed out for email approval.  Per email responses, minutes were approved.

Approval of Agenda                                                                            3:35-3:45pm


Review SPSA                                                                                      3:45-4:15pm

Conducted with SLT members

Various additions and corrections made.

Approved unanimously, with corrections, as read and incorporated

SLT members shared in the unanimity

Review of Diamond Grant Requests                                                             4:15-4:45pm

  • Journalism and Yearbook-JEA/NSPA Convention, Boston     $1000 requested

Ms. Shiu already fronted all costs—now it is a question of reimbursement

Publications Funding? 

Yearbook can do more fundraising, but yearbook sales cannot be used for the trip; however, ad sales can be used.

Advisor has in the past shuffled funds between the two groups to make it work.  This year, that is not as much so.

Mrs. Woolfolk clarified that there is an East Coast conference in the Fall, and a West Coast in the Spring.  East Coast chosen because…?

Comment: Large part of the budget is used for 15 kids?  Perhaps not an efficient use of funds.  Perhaps we could allocate a lesser sum?  Yet to be determined; need to prioritize based on other Diamond Grant requests.

Tabled; low prioritization, and the semester’s half of the pot was empty.

  • AVID College Visit                                                                  $700 requested

Mr. Norman representing AVID program.

Every semester AVID does a college visit. 

Fall was USF and CSUSF, Spring not yet decided: Central Valley and San Jose Area maybe?

$700 to defray the cost of a school bus, one of the two buses they will use.  Would like to take all AVID students; 130 AVID students getting to different colleges

Approved $700

  • Counseling Ropes Course                                                       $1500 requested

Mr. Morales representing Counseling department application.


Communicate with behaviorally challenging students—forgetting materials, being disruptive

Trying to show positives of school

Ropes course in SF State

One day course, follow up with Counseling

15 Boys and 15 Girls, with Dean,  Freshman and Sophomore students

Encouraging them to join leadership and tell their story afterwards

$1500 requested, to some degree matched with counseling office funds.

Perhaps some of the students could pay a token amount to ensure participation?

Ongoing aspects throughout the year…such as?

Approved $1400, with contingency to expand and clarify the description of ongoing post-course program

  • Latino College Fair                                                                  $250 requested

Annual College fair in San Jose December 5

Cost of bus is $500, fair gives $250 of that amount as a grant

For Junior, latino students

Approved $250

  • Programming Club-laptops and Arduino boards                    $988 requested

Looking for two laptops to use during their meetings, and some Arduino boards

Concern about buying laptops for a student club, any fundraising done by club to offset costs?

Laptops are the sort approved by technology, possibly to become more common on campus.  They would be school property.

Clarify the need for laptops—are they using them for more than presentations?

Tabled, with request to clarify the need for laptops.  Also how many students are served?  What are Arduinos and how are they to be used? 

Review of PD Requests                                                                                            4:45-5:00pm                                                           

Time was running over, and the quorum was dissolving

Email Approval process is suggested for these.

So far we’ve spent $1000 of $7000 Title II, PD funds.  Update will be provided at next meeting.

  • Freshman Transition Course                                                  $237

Not discussed.  Ran out of time.

  • CAPHERD Conference                                                             $1800

2 Additional PE teachers to a PE conference in SoCal, focusing on the Common Core

Registration, Gas (maybe) and Lodging.

New from Departments and Representatives                                  4:45-5:00pm

Ran out of time to have roundtable discussion.

Adjourned at 5:10