Site Council Agenda & Minutes - Monday, February 10, 2014

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda                             3:30-3:35pm

Approval of Minutes                                                                           3:35-3:40pm

Professional Development Requests Review                                   3:40-3:50pm

Diamond Grant Review                                                                     3:50-4:00pm

WASC Action Plan update, SPSA Goal and LCAP Alignment             4:00-4:45pm

New from Departments and Representatives                                  4:45-5:00pm

Draft agenda created on February 3, 2014.  Subject to the approval of Site Council at meeting.


Agenda  3:30-5:00pm
Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda                                                  3:30-3:40pm
No new faces to welcome
Agenda approved unanimously
Approval of Minutes
Approved unanimously
Professional Development Approval                                                                               3:40-3:50pm
Approximately $4600 left in PD funds
3 proposals, one of which has happened, reimbursement sought
1. Kalinski and Norman on AP institute
APUSH exam is redesigned for next year.  They would like to go to Austin TX, where the instructor was a redesigner
                  Reg fees are paid by AP funds.
                  Option is to go to Stanford—local ($725) versus Austin ($499)
                  Request is for travel and accommodations. 
Total request is 1766.00.
 Awarded AP reg fee up to the amount of $725.  They can choose to go to Austin and have $226 to use towards travel or accommodations.  May be awarded more later if there is extra monies.
2. AVID Summer institute
                  District covers three teachers and an administrator
                  Need two to three more teachers
                  Currently 20-25 AP students, at junior and senior levels…could we use AP funds?
                  If taking an AP class in junior or senior years an expectation?  This will be instituted in the future.
                  Looking for a larger freshman AVID class next year, possibility of another teacher/section.
                  Can Alexandra go as administrator designee?
Awarded $1000 to use towards accommodations for three nights.
3. McCabe—data and information course presented by Edward Tufte
                  “PPT” Style is evil…
$200.00 reimbursement requested.  Mrs. McCabe will be asked to make a faculty presentation in March in order to receive reimbursement.
                  Catherine did same workshop, without reimbursement, may assist in presentation.
                  1732.00 allocated
                  Reminder to the staff that there is money still there.
If there’s money still there near the end, it can be allocated out more generously to these and earlier applicants.

Diamond Grant Approval                                                                                                         3:50-4:00pm
More information came from Mr. Rainaldi on the computer club
                  $988 worth of arduinos and laptops (330.00 each)
None of the other requests for further information came back, so they were not acted upon

WASC Action Plan update and SPSA Goal Alignment                                            4:00-4:45pm
Local Control Accountability Plan
We are basic aid district. We spend about $11,300 per student, bridged by local property taxes.  Revenue Limit Districts spend approximately $8000 per student.
Governor gets rid of Categorical funding, so the decision on how money can be spent is a local one. 
                                    E.G.: We used to receive Title I funds, had to be spent on particular students.
Our job is to make sure the district follows LCAP priorities, when we spend money, focusing on struggling students.
We make sure our site plans fit LCAP priorities—that allows the district to fund things and be accountable.
                  3 plans, 3 groups.
Group task:
Check truthfulness of Action Plans and update according for mid term visit next year.  To be continued in March.
                  Notetaking by administrators

New from Departments and Representatives                                                            4:45-5:00pm

                  Tabled and Adjourned.


Subject to the approval of Site Council at meeting.