Site Council Agenda & Minutes - Monday, September 15, 2014

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda                             3:30-3:40pm

SMHS Site Council By-Laws Update                                                  3:40-3:55pm

Election of Officers                                                                             3:55-4:05pm

Review PD request for approval                                                        4:05-4:15pm

Update Diamond Grant application                                                   4:15-4:25pm

ELAC Update                                                                                       4:25-4:30pm

WASC Action Plan Update                                                                  4:30-4:35pm

SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement)                                    4:35-4:45pm

New from Departments and Representatives                                  4:45-5:00pm

Draft agenda created on September 8, 2014.  Subject to the approval of Site Council at meeting.

Attendees: Priscilla Law, Brandon Wong, Kevin Fang, Nic Wratten, Kylie Chiu, Nathan Kruse, Olga Bassman, Julie Scanlon, Catherine Bunch, Lisa Burke, Nancy Dinges, Karen Abernathy, Elizabeth Yapp, Jesse Boise, John McKenzie

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda                                                     3:30-3:40pm

SMHS Site Council By-Laws Update                                                                          3:40-3:55pm

Election of Officers                                                                                                  3:55-4:05pm

Review PD request for approval                                                                               4:05-4:15pm

Update Diamond Grant application                                                                          4:15-4:25pm

ELAC Update                                                                                                            4:25-4:30pm

WASC Action Plan Update                                                                                         4:30-4:35pm

SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement)                                                            4:35-4:45pm

New from Departments and Representatives                                                           4:45-5:00pm


  • Bylaws: Approved
    • Do we need to clarify that grade level student representatives have one total vote?
  • Election of Officers
    • Co-Chairpersons: Senior Class Representatives
    • Secretary: Yvonne Shiu
    • Recorders: Jesse (Sept.), Lisa (Oct.), Elizabeth (Nov.), Karen (Jan.), Catherine (Feb), Nancy (Mar.), April (TBD)
  • Review PD Request
    • What is our allocated budget for 2014-15?
    • Site Council unanimously approved two teachers from World Language to attend the training, if funds allocated to site council for PD are less than 2013-14 allocations. If funding allocation to Site Council (for PD) meets or exceeds ’13-’14 funding, then Site Council unanimously approved the request for all three teachers to attend.
  • Update Diamond Grant Application
    • Timelines were reviewed and distinctions between PD funds and Diamond Grants were explained
  • ELAC Update
    • John Mckenzie shared that the most recent ELAC meeting included both info on CELDT testing and the identification of ELAC members to different school bodies (e.g. Site Council)
  • WASC Update
    • An overview of the WASC timeline was shared – teachers shared that the time felt very productive and worthwhile
  • News from Departments & Representatives
    • A brief update was provided on growing enrollment within the SMUHSD and at SMHS

2014-15 Meeting Dates:

9.15.14, 10.20.14, 11.17.14, 1.26.15 (+SLT), 2.9.15, 3.16.15, 4.20.15