Site Council Agenda & Minutes - Monday, October 20, 2014

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda                             3:30-3:40pm

Approval of the September Minutes                                                 3:40-4:45pm

SMHS Site Council By-Laws Update                                                  3:45-3:55pm

Terms of Office                                                                                  3:55-4:00pm

Review PD request for approval                                                        4:00-4:10pm

SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement)                                    4:10-4:35pm

1.  To increase opportunities to explore career goals and develop technical and vocational skills

            a.  Research and implement curriculum to guide students through career exploration

            b.  Assess career goals: determine range of student interests and growing future industry

            c.  Support specific training and technical/vocational opportunities

            d.  Review and modify all aspects of program annually

2.  To improve methods of instruction that focus on critical thinking and practical applications

            a.  Educate ourselves and gather information regarding critical thinking

            b.  Develop techniques of teaching critical thinking

            c.  Share and implement critical thinking practices

            d.  Evaluate implemented practices and make appropriate modifications

3. To increase the academic achievement of underperforming subgroups

            a.  Improve students motivation, organization and performance by fostering positive student/teacher relationships.

            b.  Examine the efficacy of the current block schedule with respect to teacher availability for students and create more access for students to meet with teachers

            c.  Better coordinate and expand the impact and presence of afterschool programs to create a more positive image and understanding of our school in the minds and hearts of our struggling students.


Review of Safe School Plan                                                               4:35-4:45pm

New from Departments and Representatives                                  4:45-5:00pm

Draft agenda created on October 8, 2014.  Subject to the approval of Site Council at meeting.

Site Council Minutes    


Biotech Meeting Room

Minutes taken and submitted by Ms Burke

In attendance:  Priscilla Law, Brandon Wong, Kevin Fang, Nic Wratten, Kylie Chiu, Nathan Kruse, Sabrina Jin, Jack Mihalek, Ms. Abernathy, Julie Scanlon, Mrs. Yapp, Mrs. Abernathy, Ms. Bunch, Ms. Burke, Ms. Dinges, Mr. McKenzie, Ms. Shiu

The meeting was called to order by Ms. Shiu who called for the approval of the agenda. Julie moved to approve and Mrs. Yapp seconded the motion. All agreed.

Ms. Shiu and Priscilla called for an approval of the last meeting’s minutes. Ms. Abernathy moved to approve, and Ms. Yapp seconded the motion. September’s minutes were approved.

Ms. Shiu welcomed the two new freshmen representatives Sabrina Jin and Jack Mihalek.

Ms. Shiu then clarified that, as per Article II of the by-laws, student votes would count for 1/2 vote each, with the two class representatives comprising one whole vote, and that this would be amended in the by-laws.  Ms. Shiu also noted that all representative, student and teacher and parent, have one year term limits, which needed to be recorded in this month’s meeting minutes. Ms. Burke moved to approve these changes and Ms. Dinges seconded the motion. All agreed.

2014-15 Representatives

Priscilla Law and Brandon Wong-Senior Class Representatives

Kylie Chiu and Nathan Kruse-Junior Class Representatives

Kevin Fang and Nic Wratten-Sophomore Class Representatives

Sabrina Jin and Jack Mihalek-Freshman Class Representatives

Julie Scanlon and Olga Basman (Absent)-Parent Representatives

Ms, Shiu noted that in the future, the senior reps would be taking a more active role and will meet with her prior to the meetings to discuss and set the agenda.

Ms. Shiu clarified that Site Council has $8000 per year for a PD budget. We reviewed the already approved Site Council awards of funds for World Language teachers to attend a conference at Stanford.

The council then individually reviewed the new proposals for Council funds. Ms. Shiu stated that, if all requests were funded at this point, they would use approximately $6000 of the remaining funds, so we carefully considered each proposal:

            1. Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Yapp, and Ms. Stock request $4500 for attending an Arts Educator conference in New Orleans for 3 days.

            2. Mr. Friedman requests $649 for the registration fee to attend a conference on Broadway production in New York for the upcoming summer. He requests only registration fee, the rest of the costs to be covered out of pocket.

            3. Ms. Perey requests $85 for a science conference in Long Beach. The cost is for the early bird registration fee.             

            4. Mrs. Catalli requests $1100 to cover the costs of attending the CADA conference in San Diego, which she attends every year but has never requested funds for.

The floor was then opened for questions for Mrs.Yapp about the costs of the arts conference. Mrs. Scanlon asked if the art teachers could look into cheaper flights to New Orleans. Ms. Burke asked Mrs. Yapp if all three teachers needed to attend. Mrs. Yapp stressed that having an art “team” go lends itself better to collaboration for instituting ideas from the conference. Further questions addressed the possibility of Common Core funds being used since the conference is somewhat related. Mr. McKenzie asked how the conference would benefit underperforming students. Mrs. Yapp said the conference offers good ideas for all levels of students.

No one moved to approve this funding, but decided to wait for more information regarding who might attend if underfunded and what other funds might be able to be applied, i.e. Common Core funds.

Questions for Mr. Friedman were put forth about what sessions he might be attending that address the needs of all learners.  Another question pertained to the afterschool program to which he refers to in his application is the drama program (three productions). No motion was made to fund this request until further information from Mr. Friedman is obtained. 

Ms. Dinges moved to fund Ms. Perey’s request of $85 and Mrs. Yapp seconded the motion. All agreed to fund the request.

Mrs. Yapp moved to fund the $1100 for Ms. Catalli’s CADA conference. Brandon Wong seconded the motion and all agreed.

Ms. Shiu announced that the SPSA document needed further review and would be ready for the next Site Council meeting before going to the Board. Also, Diamond Grant requests will be expected at the next meeting in November.

Mr. McKenzie said the scheduled review of the Safe School Plan was still being compiled and would be discussed at November’s meeting.

Ms. Shiu then requested any news from the class representatives. 

Freshman News:  Spirit Hall is beginning to develop. They are looking into doing the coat check at Homecoming as a fundraiser. They will ask Ms. Catalli for confirmation.

Sophomore News:  Mario Bros. is their Spirit Hall theme. They are looking into doing fundraisers at Wing Stop and The Melt.

Junior News:  They have had one fundraiser at Tea Pumps and are considering a Game Night for the school, with the ticket price including the movie and food.

Senior News:  They already had Upper Classmen Night and showed Mrs. Doubtfire as a tribute to Robin Williams.  They have done Stanford game concessions for the last two months. Their Spirit Hall theme is “throwback cartoons from the 1990’s.” They are considering a fundraiser at BJ’s Brewhouse after GRID.

World Language Dept. News:  They will be attending the Site Council-funded conference to address the tech strand of their standards,  The department is also working on ways to align better with feeder schools.

VAPA News:  Mr. Friedman’s show is about to open.

AVID News:  100 students from grades 9-12 are attending a field trip to Davis this Wed. Oct. 22.  They have 3 busses going. In the morning the 11th and 12th graders will meet with EOP office representative, as many of the students are the first in their families to apply to college. The 9th and 10th graders will be doing bonding exercises. In the afternoon, all the students will get a tour of the campus. 

Mr. McKenzie reminded the group that October 29th is 8th Grade Parent Night and Nov. 10-14 is Spirit Week.

With no further announcements, Ms. Dinges moved to adjourn the meeting and Nick Wratten seconded the motion.