Site Council Agenda & Minutes - Monday, November 17, 2014

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Welcome, Introductions and Approval of Agenda                             3:30-3:40pm

Approval of the October Minutes                                                      3:40-3:45pm

Review PD request for approval                                                        3:45-4:00pm

Review Diamond Grants for approval                                               4:00-4:15pm


            Art Field Trip

Review of SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement) for approval                    


New from Departments and Representatives                                  4:30-4:45pm


Site Council Minutes    


Biotech Meeting Room

Minutes taken and submitted by Ms. Yapp

In attendance:  Priscilla Law, Brandon Wong, Kevin Fang, Nic Wratten, Kylie Chiu, Nathan Kruse, Sabrina Jin, Jack Mihalek, Ms. Abernathy, Julie Scanlon, Mrs. Yapp, Ms. Bunch, Ms. Burke, Ms. Dinges, Mr. McKenzie, Ms. Shiu, Mr. Boise, Olga Basman

The meeting was called to order by Brandon Wong who called for the approval of the agenda. Mr. McKenzie moved to approve the agenda contingent on the removal of the “Review School Site Safety Plan for approval” from the agenda.  Ms. Scanlon seconded the motion. All agreed.

Brandon called for an approval of the last meeting’s minutes. Mr. Boise moved to approve, and Ms. Dinges seconded the motion. October’s minutes were approved.

Ms. Shiu reviewed the two remaining proposal for the PD budget from our last meeting.

  1. The National Arts Educator conference in New Orleans for 3 days. Ms. Shiu checked with the district for common core funds.  The district will not pay for out of state conferences.  She indicated that the Art Teachers went last year.
  2. Mr. Friedman requests $649 for the registration fee to attend a conference on

Broadway productions, in New York this summer. Ms. Shiu indicated that he is only requesting the registration fee, the rest of the costs to be covered out of pocket.  Ms. Scanlon asked about the afterschool program that the proposal referred to it.  It was clarified that it was the 3 drama production done each year. Ms. Shiu also indicated that for the drama program that it makes sense to go to New York.  There is only one Broadway. Ms. Burke moved to approve the $649 reg. fee and Ms. Scanlon seconded the motion.  The request was approved.

Priscilla Law read the request for the ASCA Conference.  Mr. McKenzie made a request from the PD budget to attend the ASCA Conference.  He is asking for the reg. fee of $375 for the 3 day conference.  Mr. McKenzie explained that the conference is for student services and special education.  It has workshops on topics such as student interventions, safety and emergency response.  Ms. Dinges moved to approve the funds for the $375 reg. fee, and it was seconded by Nathan Kruse.  The request was approved.

Ms. Shiu presented the two Diamond Grants Applications:

  1. AVID field trip
  2. OMCA Art Field trip

Ms. Dinges reviewed her AVID Diamond Grant.  They are requesting $1,000 for scholarships for students to attend a fieldtrip that provides leadership opportunities and team building.  The students will pay $10 -$15 of their fee and the Grant will provide the remaining $20 - $25 fee for the $35 registration fee for the student to participate in a rope course in San Francisco.  This is a great opportunity for the under- represented students to develop these skills.

Ms. Abernathy moved to approve this Diamond Grant and it was seconded by Mr. McKenzie.  All agreed.

Priscilla Law read Ms. Stock’s proposed Diamond Grant for her art students to attend the Oakland Art Museum.  She requested a total $406.50 to cover the $100 registration fee for the students and the remaining Bart transportation cost at $9.00/student.  This exhibit is featuring culture and community.  She wants students to explore culture and community through student observation, writing and creating a mural that will be installed on campus.  Ms. Yapp moved to approve this Diamond Grant and it was seconded by Ms. Burke.  All agreed.

Ms. Shiu reviewed the SPSA document with the site council. Ms. Burke edited the document. The WASC chair will come to San Mateo High on March 16th.  The school profiles were reviewed.  A change ethic percentage is probably due to how they are counting decline to state and student who are mixed race and select other.  The action plan was updated and changes such as the addition of AP Computer Science were noted.  Ms. Scanlon moved to approve the SPSA and it was seconded by Kylie Chiu.  All agreed.

Ms. Shiu then requested any news from the class representatives. 

Freshman News:  They did the coat check at Homecoming as a fundraiser and raised about $400.

Sophomore News:  They are looking into doing fundraisers at Chipotle.

Junior News:  They are planning a Movie/Game Night.  Date TBD.  Just received their class shirts

Senior News:  They are selling their class t-shirts for $15 in the quad.

English:  Ms. Hoffman went on maternity leave.

Counseling: New College Career Counselor is Ms. Paige.  Mrs. Fenech has retired.

Student Services: New instructional aide hired for ELD.  There will be a planned safety drill and evacuation on 12/2.

Ms. Shiu announced the resignation of our superintendent at the end of the year.

With no further announcements, Ms. Dinges moved to adjourn the meeting and Mr. Boise seconded the motion.


Subject to approval at the January 2015 Site Council Meeting.