Wednesday, January 14, 2015

San Mateo High School
Daily Bulletin
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Moment of Silence - Today - Lunch – Spirit Lawn
Ping Pong Club Meeting - Today - Lunch – B201
Poly Club Meeting- Tomorrow - Lunch – A008
Model UN Meeting- Tomorrow- Lunch – A234
Jew Crew Meeting – Today – Lunch – C110 – We will discuss the terrorist attacks in France.  There will be food.

A Message from Mr. Freiberg
Detentions will resume today, Wednesday, Jan. 14th and Friday, Jan. 16th.
Please go to the cafeteria on time, bring your homework and complete your detention
responsibilities. Failure to serve will result in more disciplinary actions.

All students are to carry their school IDs with them at all times. If you are caught in a Tardy Sweep and you do NOT have your ID, you will receive a 2hr. detention, not a 1 hr detention. Please avoid detentions by following this and all the rules outlined in your Student Handbook. 


     Dangerous horseplay such as playing rough on school grounds, chasing each other, play fighting, having water fights, and throwing things are not allowed during school hours or school events.  This is a safety issue which can result in detention or suspension.  Consequences:

  • · 1st Offense:  Enter Referral Online..  Dean calls parent. 2-hours detention, ATS,   or 1-3 days suspension assigned
  • · 2nd Offense:  Enter Referral Online. Dean calls parent.  22-hours detention, ATS,   or 1-3 days suspension assigned.  Dean notifies counselor, SRO, SSA.
  • · 3rd Offense:  Enter Referral Online.  2-hours detention, ATS, or 1-3 days suspension assigned.  Dean notifies counselor, SRO, SSA. Parent Conference. SMHS Student Contract
  • · 4th Offense: Parent meeting and SMHS contract, 6 hours community services, ATS, or 1-3 days suspension

A message from Mrs. Paige in the Career Center

  • San Francisco Aeronautical Society:  senior planning to attend an accredited post-secondary institution; minimum 3.0 GPA, essay on aviation legend and their contribution to aviation.  Due:  March 15, 2015

See Ms. Paige in the Career Center for more information.

Sports Announcements
A message from Ms. DeRosa
Softball workouts start today – 3:30-4:30.  Meet in the Quad with running shoes.

A Message from Mr. Ikeda - Boy's Golf Meeting
There will be an informational meeting for all boys interested in playing golf this Spring.  The meeting will be held on Friday, January 16, at lunch, in the Biotech room. Please be prompt.

Extended Library Hours
Students if you need a quiet place to study or need to use a computer or printer, the library now opens at 7am, Monday through Friday.

A Message from Ms. Kalinski
Homework Center will begin today.  If you need extra help from a teacher, computer access, a quiet place to study or want to meet in groups, Come to the Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:15

A message from  Ms Reggie~   Greetings from the Cafeteria~  Several students that participate in the National School LUNCH PROGRAM AND RECEIVE FREE OR REDUCED LUNCH ARE STILL NOT GETTING THEIR MEALS AND IT IS RESULTING IN A LOT OF WASTE..I am required to make these meals for you and get here very early in the morning to ensure each and every one of you get a healthy nutritious meal or two to get you through the day. I realize you may not be hungry but there is always someone who is so perhaps you can share with a friend~ just make sure you get it so it does not end up in the garbage. Together we can help each other to end hunger and food waste. Your participation will be greatly appreciated and your generosity might be the greatest act of kindness to someone else. Have a great day.

A special message to Bearcats: In light of the tragic massacre last week at the Charlie Hebdo offices and at a kosher grocery store in Paris where 15 people lost their lives to terrorists, students of San Mateo are invited to observe a moment of silence at lunch on the Spirit lawn today.

Political cartoonist were targeted for the satirical drawings published in their weekly newspaper, Charlie Hebdo.  We wish to show homage to these people, solidarity for the universal right and need for freedom of expression, and an end to extremists and terrorism.

Please join us for this brief gathering.  Bring pens and pencils to hold high in the air.  We will be distributing “I am Charlie” signs.  Thank you.

Sport Events for the Day
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Boys Basketball- Sequoia at SM- JV 4:00; Varsity 5:30; Freshman: 7:00
Girls Basketball- Sequoia at Sequoia- JV 4:00; Varsity 5:30 (Release JV-2:45)
Boys Soccer- Capuchino at SM - Varsity 3:00; JV 4:30 (Release V-1:45)