Site Council + SLT Agenda & Minutes - January 20, 2015

Agenda  3:30-5:00pm

Participants: Alicia, Jeff, Brittany, Gigi, Michelle, Jim, Steve, Marni, Jinna, Shoshana, Brad, Jared, Nels, John, Yvonne, Jesse, Molly, Elizabeth, Arienne, Sara, Joyce

Snacks: Jinna & Steve  Recorder: Jeff


- Assume positive intent- Agenda items have respected time limits and move toward action
- Offer solutions to problems- Control your "voice" so all voices and departments can be heard
- Address conflicting ideas openly, honestly, and with appreciation for one another

3:30 - 4:05pmWASC Report (SLT + Site Council)


4:05 - 4:15pmProfessional Development Requests (Site Council)


4:15 - 4:40pmLearning Team Committee Report & Feedback (SLT)


4:40 - 4:50pmProfessional Development Update (SLT)


4:50 - 5:00pmAnnouncements (SLT)

- Jeff: AP Review Sessions & Athletics
- Gigi: Info Due for 8th Grade Visits, A-G Course Approval, Naviance Course Recommendations
- Jesse: Master Schedule Values Document
- Next Meeting: 2/23 

Site Council Minutes    
(Joint Session of Site Council/SLT)


Biotech Meeting Room

Minutes taken by Karen Abernathy

Site Council Members in attendance:  Priscilla Law, Brandon Wong, Nic Wratten, Kyle Chiu, Nathan Kruse, Sabrina Jin, Mrs. Abernathy, Julie Scanlon, Ms. Yapp, Ms. Burke, Mrs. Basman, Mr. McKenzie, Mr. Boise, Mrs. Shiu, Mrs. Bunch (late)

Absent:  Ms. Dinges, Kevin Fang, and Jack Mihalek

SLT members in attendance:  Mr. Asp, Ms. Kalinski, Mr. Wilke, Ms.Watson, Ms. Mdaka, Ms. Adamcikova, Ms. Dickson, Ms. Casales, Ms. Hwang, Ms. Labrum, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Friedman, Mr. Scheller

Meeting was called to order by Ms. Shiu who requested review for new proposals for Council funds.

  1. Mr. Reifscheneider requests $915 to attend the Choral Directors Association Convention Utah (total cost is $1800 and the other $915 to be split with Burlingame High School)
  2. Ms. Perey requests $210 to attend the Good Teaching Conference in San Francisco
  3. Ms. Dickson requests $400 to attend the CAHPERD Conference in Los Angeles
  4. Ms. Shiu requests $25.00 to attend Leadership in Times of Change Conference at the San Mateo Office of Education.

Ms. Burke moved to approve Ms. Shiu’s request of $25 and Mrs. Yapp seconded the motion.  All agreed to the fund the request.

Ms. Labrum moved to approve Mr. Reifschneider’s request $915 for one half of the cost of the Choral Directors’ Association Convention in Utah.  Nick Wratten seconded the motion.  All agreed to the fund request.

Ms. Scanlon moved to approve Ms. Perey’s request of $210.  Kylie Chiu seconded the motion.  All agreed to the fund request

Ms. Scanlon moved to approve Ms. Dickson’s request of $400.  Ms. Abernathy seconded the motion.  All agreed to fund the request.

Ms. Shiu stated that March 16, 2015 SMHS would receive a mid-year WASC visit.  She motioned to approve the Mid-Cycle Progress Report.

Steve Asp stated that he would like to review the table numbers on the WASC report for accuracy.

Ms. Shiu agreed to meet with Mr. Asp to review table numbers before finalized Mid-Cycle Progress Report is approved.

With no further business Brandon Wong moved to adjourn the meeting and Nathan Kruse seconded the motion.  School Leadership Team remained.