Wednesday, May 20, 2015

San Mateo High School
Daily Bulletin
Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Dead Week*

Wednesday, May 20th B Day
Thursday, May 21st A Day
Friday, May 22nd 1-7 + 1st Period Final

Final Exam/Review Day - Friday, May 22nd                   

1 8:00-8:33
Period 1 Final Exam  8:39-10:39
 Brunch 10:39-10:49
 2 10:55-11:28
 3 11:34-12:07
Lunch 12:07-12:37
 4 12:43-1:16
5 1:22-1:55
6 2:01-2:34
7 2:40-3:13

See website for Spring Final Schedule  (Will include info  in Bulletin next week)

Last chance to buy Grad Night tickets is today!  Tickets are limited.  Only a few seats left. Bring your Student Waiver with parent signature, check and photo ID.

Attention Students
Please join us for the Class of 2015 Senior Awards Night, tonight,  May 20th in the Performing Arts Center, The program starts at 6:30 pm, students who have received a summons must arrive at 6:10pm.Refreshments will be provided by the PTO. 

There will be a Girls Soccer meeting on Wednesday to introduce the new coach. Please come to Coach Scheller's room E115 at lunch. 

Buy your yearbook today!
Forgot to buy your yearbook? No worries! Bring your payment to B102 during lunch to get yours. That's B102, the Media Lab, outside the library. We'll be selling them there for the rest of the week.

Come see the San Mateo Improv Team perform their very last lunch show of the year! It's at the PAC lobby today at lunch, and stay for a super fun improv experience for a charge of zero dollars. "This week may be dead, but improv sure isn't!"

AP English Language Summer Work
If you are taking AP English Language next year, Come to A206 after school today, to get your summer homework.

Date Change-Senior Locker Check Outs will be conducted Tuesday, May 26 and Wednesday, May 27.  Seniors please note the change in dates on your Senior Check Out Cards.

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS- A Message From Ms. Menendez:

Please check you attendance on Schoolloop.  If there are errors, you need to come to the Attendance Office and pick up a green “correction Form”.  Changes must be made within three days of the attendance call or error.  Changes to attendance cannot be made after three days or once the month has closed.

Attention Summer Athletes:
Students who will be participating in summer sports / conditioning need to turn in a new completed Athletic Packet to the Health Office. You must turn in before the end of the year.  Turn them in ASAP.

An Important Message Regarding Student ID Cards:
After today, Student ID Cards will not be available for re-print.  If you need a card for the summer, you need to have your request in to the Counseling Office by the end of the day today.  Delivery of your card may not be available until the last day of school.    

Please congratulate the following students on being honored for their hard work in their Academics this year.  They will be recognized in Mr. Brazel’s room (B201) on Thursday, May 21, at lunch.

McConville Awards List For 2015:

Visual Arts –
          F: Kelly Wu
          S: Nayelli Ah Tou
English –
          F: Mary Bradford
          S: Ramya Jois
Math –
          F: Charles Xiao
          S: Cindy Zhang
Science –
          F: Priyanka Kannabran
          S: Katherine Arackparambil
Social Science –
          F:Emily Chan
          S: Michelle Rodriguez
World Language -- French –

          F: Christina Tran
          S: Stephanie Durante
World Language – Spanish –
          F: Abhaya Krishnan-Jha
          S:  Natalia Diaz
World Language – Mandarin –
          F: Connor Giffin
          S: Brandon Huey
  PE –
          F: Piper Brooks
          S: Michelle Rodriguez
Dance –
          F: Leah Kalish
          S: Alyssa Sims
Music –

          F: JJ Rim
          S: John Scanlon
Chorus –
          F: Katherine L. Taft
          S: Ellis Barnes-Anderson
Special Ed –
          F: Jacob Ningen
          S: Lituania Maciel-Solorio

          F: Valeriya Nasedkina
          S: Belsy Barrios-Alvarado
Drama –

          F: D'Angelo Reyes
          S: Nicolas Wratten
Health - one freshman only –
          F: Megan Schooley